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Have you ever wondered why sports are so fun and exciting for both kids and adults alike?  My daughter and I have been playing tennis a lot during the summer for the last four years and really enjoy it.  Well actually, we’ve been practicing tennis for the last four years, but only started “playing” tennis about three months ago.  You see, for the last four years we never really played any games.  We went out and hit the ball back and forth for a couple hours each weekend when the weather was nice, but that was it.  In January we discovered mixed doubles nights at one of the indoor tennis facilities.  That created a whole new level of fun and excitement for us both that we hadn’t experienced before.  

How much more exciting is it to watch football, hockey, basketball and soccer when they play a game versus just watching a team practice?  It is the same for the players going from the daily grind of practice, practice, practice to actually playing a game against another team.   Competition, or actual games, is the key to athletes falling in love with their sport.  

The same holds true with Taekwondo.  Think about how much more fun and exciting it would be for your child if they competed in tournaments regularly.  I see tons of high rank black belt adults at our events that have been training in Taekwondo since they were young children.  Participation and the friends they make are the main reasons they are still around and still competing.  Participation in tournaments, camps, conferences and social events is critical to developing a lifelong love of any sport, especially taekwondo.  When participating in more than just practice, students are able to develop friendships with other competitors and even strengthen the bond with their instructor.

In taekwondo we don’t have weekly games like some of the other sports and that makes participation in the tournaments even more important.  Of course, the preparation to get ready for competition also helps take the students to the next level in their abilities.  Win or lose, tournaments are one of the best ways to help your child or yourself gain valuable experience, knowledge and confidence.   We can compare local tournaments to a regular season game, regional tournaments the playoffs, and national tournaments a national title game.  So what will it be for you and your child?  Endless training, training, training, and more training?  Or are they going to have a chance to actually play a “game”?   


David Weislogel
th Degree Black Belt

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