Jessica Weislogel, Martial Arts Instructor

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Kids Taekwondo Dublin

Jessica Weislogel

Miss Jessica Weislogel is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt. She began studying taekwondo in the Spring of 2005 under Mr. David Weislogel and Ms. Mel Thompson at Hilliard Taekwondo.

Ms. Weislogel started helping with classes in the leadership program at both Hilliard Taekwondo and Village Taekwondo in 2008. She became a certified instructor in 2011 and became a Level 4 Certified Instructor in Taekwondo America in May of 2018. She teaches classes 2-3 days a week at Powell Martial Arts.

In addition to Taekwondo, Ms. Weislogel works at Children's Hospital and is a senior at OSU majoring in Psychology.  

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