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Karate Instruction Lewis Center

There are many similarities between Karate and Taekwondo. Karate originated in Japan and Taekwondo is the Korean form of this martial art. At Village Taekwondo, we teach a curriculum based on the traditional Korean martial art. Before Taekwondo became recognized as such an awesome sport that helps kids, teens and adults develop confidence physically and emotionally, few people knew what the word "Taekwondo" meant. Taekwondo quickly became the most popular martial art taught in the United States. We use "Karate" on our sign and other material because it is one of the most popular and well known words for martial arts.

Why study Martial Arts?

At Powell Martial Arts, we endeavor to not only impart the techniques of Taekwondo but also its philosophy. True strength is not the ability to cause harm, but the ability to remain calm and resolute in the face of adversity.

When the people of Lewis Center decide to learn karate with Powell Martial Arts they will learn:

  • Self-control
  • Balance
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Concentration

If you live in the greater Lewis Center area and are interested in taking a class with us then please feel free to contact us through phone or email. We look forward to training with you.